Where old ColdFusion/CFML Downloads & Installers go to live on for eternity - Updated 4/29/16

New name and a home for the CFML Repo

Copy.com is shutting down, and I am happy to see all of the concern from those on the CFML Slack Channel and Twitter about the future of CFML Repo. I received a lot of offers for help host the files, and much more... including ideas for improving CFML Repo, and you'll see some of those ideas come to life soon.

There has been a lot of work going on behind the scenes, the short of it is... copy.com is no longer the host for our files. We have moved them to Google Drive, for UI, API, price and bandwidth.

CFMLRepo now has its own Domain, a URL, and a full website in the works. We'll be building on the API from Google Drive so hopefully it will be more than an online drive in the future.

Thanks for everyones help, keep an eye out for more updates


New URL: www.cfmlrepo.com

New Link for Files (updated July 21 2017): Google Drive Share

New Link for Files: Google Drive CFML Repo Files

About CFML Repo

This repo has been created to help those easily find the ColdFusion installs and to help alleviate all the copies sitting around on hard drives everywhere.

Created initially Feb 12, 2014, we are trying to add more files all the time.
If you have installers, hot fixes or updaters not here, please let us know, and we'll try and add them to the repo.

If anyone has a file and would like to contribute, contact me, Gavin Pickin, on twitter - @gpickin

Repo Updates / News

Other Notes

If the file isn't here, Adobe has some undocumented links, that dcepler.net has so kindly provided.
BE SURE TO LOGIN FIRST when proceeding with Adobe's hidden download links, as the instructions say, you can get all of CF8 and CF9 files.