Where CFML engine installers and related files live on for posterity

This repo has been created to help folks easily find installers and related files for ColdFusion, Lucee, and other CFML engines, going back to some of their earliest releases.

New Link - Google Drive for CFMLRepo - Updated 10/10/2021

About the CFMLRepo

Created initially in Feb 2014 by Gavin Pickin, the repo has since been contributed to by many other trusted members of the CFML community, including Charlie Arehart, Adam Cameron, Dave Epler, Wil Genovese, Frank Jennings, Travis Peters, Kevin Roche, Carl Von Stetten. The files are offered on an as-is basis, without warrantee.

The repo now incudes also editors/IDEs, hotfixes/updates, docs, and more. (And while originally called CFRepo, for holding Adobe CF installers, it was renamed CFMLRepo in 2016 to accomodate inclusion of other CFML engines.)

Using the CFMLRepo

The files in the repo are offered by way of Google Drive, and its web UI. You will see folders for different engines and related tools, then within those often different versions from the past. Note that Drive requires you to double-click to go into a folder.

When viewing files especially (versus folders), you may find it helpful to toggle between the grid and list views, using the icon in the top right of the Google Drive UI. You can download a file by either double-clicking or right-clicking it. You can also select more than one file at a time, or even download an entire folder. Again, here is the link:

NEW LINK - Google Drive for CFMLRepo - Updated 10/10/2021

If anyone has a file and would like to contribute, contact me, Gavin Pickin, on twitter - @gpickin